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The Very Best Guided System for Dental Implants

Created by experienced clinicians and engineers for the most demanding implant surgeons, Cyber-Implants is proud to produce the very best guided implant surgical system.  With our unique system, old-fashioned drilling and guesswork are eliminated.  Our innovations include “one-step” drilling, with user-friendly, disposable components, leading to minimally invasive, fast, and precise surgeries. We deliver the utmost in quality and workmanship. Our manufacturing takes place in the United States and Germany, with a satisfaction guarantee. Practice on the cutting-edge and enjoy a more profitable dental implant business.


Implant placement has been part of my periodontal practice since the mid-1980’s.  I have used several implant systems and surgical guides over the years and all of them have had their limitations and shortcomings.

After using Cyber-Implants on ten clinical cases, I think the team at Cyber-Implants has begun a new revolution in implant therapy.  The system has been designed from the ground up with the clinician in mind.  I’m not sure which aspect I like the best  – the planning for optimal esthetics/prosthetics, the frame and nests to guide their drills which cut like butter, or the ease of use for stress free implant placement in a fraction of the time!

Cyber-Implants has crystallized the entire implant placement process by designing for precision in planning, confidence in execution in a fraction of the time, and predictability in outcomes.   Thank you Cyber-Implants!

Dr. Thomas Adamich


I have been doing guided implant procedures since 2004.  Most of my cases have been done with Simplant, but I have done several cases with Anatomage, Nobelguides/pilot guides and Gonyx guides through my lab.  I have just completed my third case with the Cyber-Implants surgical guide and I must tell you that I think it’s a game changer.  The fit of the guide has been very good and has required minimal adjustment.  The disposable drills cut very efficiently and it is wonderful not to have to worry about the staff maintenance of the drills and the kit.  I appreciate the gingival depth calculation you allow in our planning.  It reduces the number of variables that I need to adjust for on the day of surgery.  I look forward to the continued development of this product.  You have obviously put a great deal of thought into the development into this guide. I think this product has the most potential for producing the best restorative outcome using guided surgery.

Dr. Dina Lew

Oral Surgeon

I like the Cyber-Implant system because it is fairly easy to use – only need one surgical guide with removable sleeves instead of multiple surgical guides.  The custom osteotomy burs that come with the kit are outstanding whereas in the Simplant system you use your own surgical drills from the implant kit.  I would use the Cyber implant for the majority of my Implant cases.

Dr. Glenn Arima


Cyber-Implants is a user friendly system that well prepares both surgeons and their restorative colleagues in treatment planning and preparing patient cases. Given its ease of use and decreased stress of the surgical environment, I have personally used Cyber-Implants for several of my cases and plan to continue to do so.

Dr. Diane Costandi


One Easy Measurement

Guide Number Value= Gingival Depth + Bone Depth
We always measure osteotomy depth from the gingival surface. This approach allows the clinician to accommodate all clinical conditions, emergence profiles, and aesthetic requirements.

Six guides can achieve six GN Values with one single drill

  • Each guide has a GN value
  • Each GN value has a specific color
  • Each GN value corresponds to a specific bushing height
  • Drills have one length, non-adjustable stop, no marking
  • Drills are always inserted in full in the guide
  • Frames have a specific guide nest for each GN value
  • Placing implant has become easy and safe

Simplified Workflow



Dental surgeons will not experience any learning curve. Each step is easy and user friendly. You will be able to decrease significantly your planning and surgery time.



You will have a full proof delivery system with no adjustment required: Just insert the drills in full in our guide to create the perfect length osteotomy that you planned, even if adjacent osteotomies have different lengths.

Cost Effective

The disposable surgical kit is the smart alternative to your current delivery system and will significantly cut down your overhead for all your implant cases.

Starter kit – $45.00

Includes: 1 Cyber-Bite, 3 Cyber-Ruler, flash drive containing demo videos, tutorials, and instructions.

Our simplified pricing includes:

  • Pre-planning steps for remote connection with your office
  • Cyber-Frame designing, 3D printing and testing.
  • Cyber-Frame, Cyber-Guide, Cyber-Punch and 1 new Cyber-Bite for your next case.
# of Implants 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Case Price $299.00 $375.00 $449.00 $525.00 $599.00 $675.00

Fixation screw and drill are not included.
Ground delivery flat rate: $10.00
Overnight delivery: Available upon request
(Pricing are subject to change without notice)


The Challenge

Guided Implant Surgical Systems in existence have not adapted to the dental surgeon demands. Consequently, the majority of implant surgeries today are free handed.


The Research

Cyber-Implants surgical guide is not a carbon copy of other guides. We first reached out to dental surgeons and identified the general consensus before starting the development of our system.


The Solution

We were able to create a new system with clear differentiating qualities that the dental surgeons wanted so much. This innovative product will benefit implant surgeons, restoring dentists, laboratory technicians, patients and contributes to healthcare cost reduction.

Our Guided Implant Surgical System will improve

  • Your planning time by 80%
  • Your Bottom line by 50%
  • Your surgery time by 60%
  • Your set up and cleanup time by 75%
  • Your stress level by 100%

We spent countless hours designing, testing and perfecting our Guided Implant Surgical System. The result is a user friendly and cost effective delivery system which will improve your treatment outcome, and save you time and money.

Team Hours spent on development


Surgery time saved


Preparation and cleanup time saved

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